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Technology Grants

Technology grants are usually given to educators and school librarians that wish to improve their school and classrooms by upgrading exsisting technology or buying new materials. With all of the new technology on the market today, technology grants are becoming more popular with teachers and schools looking to help their students keep up with the current technology trends.

Coporate companies, businesses and individuals often award technology grants to teachers and schools to help upgrade the technology that the school uses. Funds for technology grants for education can be used in many different ways. Computers, monitors, science supplies, printers, faxes, modems, internet access, web-cams, digital cameras, video cameras, projectors, instruction manuels and books and CD-ROMS are common ways that educators spend technology grants. In addition, techology grants may also be used for techology training, planning materials and classroom kits that teach forms of technology.

When applying for technology grants, most applications ask that the teacher teach in either a private or public school for grades kindergarten through grade twelve. Though each grant qualifications vary, most ask that teachers should also be a full time, certified teacher and apply as an individual or in small teams. Many times, homeschool teachers or teachers for after school programs are ineligible for applying for grants, although there might be some available.

When looking into applying for technology grants, teachers should research the requirements for the grants before applying. Each grant has differnet qualifications and guidelines. Many school districts have special grant researchers and writers available to help teachers and educators within their district find and apply for grants. It is important to meet the deadline for the grant to be eligible. Also, the amount of money that grants award can vary. Sometimes it is beneficial to apply for more than one grant at a time to fund projects.

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