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Applying for Grants for Home Repair

Grants for home repair are often available for individuals seeking help in improving their home. Most often, grants for home repair are available to senior citizens, the disabled and economically disadvantage. These grants often cover expenses needed to improve health hazards in an existing structure.

Grants for home repair generally cover the costs of improving damages to homes that cause health problems, such as the removal of molds or leads. These grants also often cover the expenses to remodel a home for a person who is physically disabled or wheelchair bound. These improvements can help disabled people more easily navigate inside their home. Many grants for home repair are available for senior citizens over the age of 62 and cannot repay a loan for home improvement.

Home improvement grants can also help cover the cost remove health and safety hazards as well as helping to converse energy. Some grants for home repair cover the costs of installing installation and repairing or replaces heating systems and electrical wiring.

Items not covered by most grants for home repair include the expenses associated with improving the looks of a home such as repainting, flooring, siding, plumbing and roof replacement. These often need to be paid for by applying for a home improvement loan.

When applying for grants for home repair, it is important to remember that a lifetime grant amount cannot exceed $7500 and a loan balance cannot be more than $20,000. Also, after receiving grants for home repair, the homeowner must agree to not sell the house within three years. If the house is sold before that time is over, the grant must be repaid in full. Also, most grants for home repair require that applicants must be a US citizen, have an acceptable credit history and have an income not to exceed the very low-income limit. The homeowner must also be unable to remove the health or safety hazard by their own financial resources.

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